Legacy index templates



  • Elasticsearch 7.12.1 (Basic License)
  • Kibana 7.12.1 (Basic License)
  • Filebeat 7.12.1 (Basic License)
  • Ubuntu 21.04

I have an index template named myapp the index pattern myapp-*.

This index template created by Filebeat.
(The field mapping is dynamically evolving (as our software too) so I very often delete the myapp template and the related indexes / stuffs from ELK, that's why I create index mapping through Filebeat)

Filebeat relevant part of config:

  index: "myapp-*"

  name: "myapp"
  pattern: "myapp-*"
  overwrite: true
    - name: "timestamp"
      type: "date_nanos"
    - name: "mytimestamp"
      type: "date_nanos"

  index.number_of_shards: 1

Why "myapp" index template appears in "Legacy index templates" list (Stack Managament/Data/Index Managament/Index Templates) instead in "normal" templates list?

What's wrong with that method, how can I improve it?

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