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I was wondering if there's a way to make a summary pie chart.
The problem is with pie charts, I can't seem to be able to "Last Value" of a keyword.
But in a data table, I can.
This is an example of the data table with a summary of health status but in the pie chart, I can't seem to do the same:

I basically want the pie chart to show 2 for up only since its considered the last value for the servers. The keyword doesn't seem to work with Last Value in pie chart but it does for data table.

Any help is appreciated!

So you want a pie chart based on the latest value?

So if you have 10 devices that are measured every 10 secs but the time picker I is 2 hours ... You just want the pie chart to show that counts up / down the last reported value?

@stephenb yes exactly!

Unfortunately, the Pie chart, as well as most other viz do not support the "Last Value" at this time (I think this has been asked before I dug around)

(Believe me, like you did, I tried, I even tried the new ESQL It is not there yet or I could not figure it out)

However, the Latest Transform is super handy for these use cases...

Kibana - Stack Management - Transform -> Data view -> Latest Transform

Just name it

lastest-heartbeat and it should all work pretty good .. then it will just be a normal PIE chart

Take a look...

I have used Latest transform to get the latest state on 100K servers... super handy!

The Latest Transform might be exactly what I need!

Thanks for the help and information!!

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