Let kibana convert certain lines from epoch to human understandable


very new to kibana, need some help with the folowing:

there are certain files that i have imported, and some lines in these files
contain epoch, and therefore not understandable

rec_time: 1572603306.438582
ref_time: 1572602602.4252398
ts: 1572603306.447535
and many more lines that contain epoch

can i tell to kibana:
'hey if you see these lines, convert them to DD-MM-YYYY for me?'
if so: can you tell me where i can add the lines so that kibana converts them?


What is the mapping for rec_time , ref_time , and ts fields? Are they mapped as date fields? To find this information, go to management => index patterns => and click your index pattern. Look at the row for each field and view the type. If the mapping is number then you will need to re-index the data so the values are mapped as dates.

You can set up field formatters on each field to configure how the value should be formatted.

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