Levenshtein ratio query

Hello, I am trying to get all results which are above a certain ratio of similarity using levenshtein distance. say, if my query has 21 charaters, I want to find all documents who have 3 levenshtein distance or below.
I am using fuzzy query to this, however I have an issue with the limit of 2 on the fuzziness field.

For example, my documents are like this:
// {"string_field": "langwerdwiththreechenges"}
and I wanna find it when searching for longwordwiththreechanges.
Any idea on how it could be done?

I've tried indexing with n-gram tokenizer set to min: 1 max: 1, and searching it with either match_phrase with slop or match with minimum should match 90%. the first didn't return all results, the second didn't take into account the order of the tokens.
Iv'e also tried tri-grams but it didn't produce exactly the required result

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