Leveraging ES in AWS Gov Cloud - Question

ES has to be able to listen on both ports 9200 and 9300.

Does anyone know why AWS doesn’t allow ES to listen in port 9300?

Any Advice appreciated.

I don't know why but anyway you should not use that port.

Thanks David,

if anyone knows why we should not use port 9300 , that would be great.


The question is more why would you use it for?
Knowing that the TransportClient is removed in 8.0.

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Hi David, I am asking because one of our solutions running in AWS , looks to use that port, out of the box.
We can manually adjust it,
was just curious about using that port ( 9300 )

I am new to ES, so are you saying that in the next release of ES, that port will not be used at all for ES?

thanks in advance.

It is still used for node to node communication. As a client the only port to use is 9200.

Are you talking about AWS ES service on GovCloud? If so I do not believe they expose port 9300, which is needed by the transport protocol. As David suggested you would therefore even need to host it yourself or switch to using a HTTP based client.

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