License Issue


I'm new to ELK, and would like to use the CSV Export function. So I read at , that I need a basic license.
Anyway, I have already unlimt basic license (why?), I registered for a free basic license, the download options are only for 2.x or 5.x/6.x, but not for 7.x

I tried with license 5.x/6.x to update my license, but it failed:

This is and was my license state before and after tried to import my free basic license:

I hope, someone can help me, I only want the csv export function.

Can you clarify what version you are running?

Sorry, I'm using latest docker image:

Then it's already bundled in the container, you don't need to download or install anything.

Sorry, I didn't know, that CSV export is finding under Share Button...

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