License on a self-managed elasticsearch cluster


I have a question about elastic licenses in self-managed clusters.

I have seen in this page of elastic Official Elasticsearch Pricing: Elastic Cloud, Managed Elasticsearch | Elastic, the prices for subscriptions for elastic cloud, but I can't see the prices for the self-managed option.

If I go here Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic I can see that there are basic (free), platinum and enterprise licenses but I do not see their price,

Would anyone know how much a platinum license for a self-managed cluster would cost, please?

thanks and greetings

Hi @irivas95 Thanks for showing interest in Elasticsearch .

We do not publicly post self-managed subscription pricing. Please contact sales for that.

I will add the quickest way to get started and add value is to use Elastic Cloud, the official hosted solution.

I will send the form to get more information.

Thank for your answer, stephenb

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