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I was wondering if the license Gold and Platinum could not be on cloud and what would be the price for those solution.
On other forums i do have found an approximate price for the gold and platinum (depending on how many node/ cluster you have)
But i can't find any information about a possible on premise license is it this one ?
because here they said "you pay only what you use" but on an on premise license they are not supposed to know this kind of information.

Can someone help me figure out ?
thank you.

Bonjour Félix

I just answered a similar question at Regarding X-Pack Alerting feature


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Thank you for replying this fast.

I've read the similar question you mentioned. But it is not cleary answered my question, are the gold and platinum version could be on premise ?

I saw it was possible on the enterprise version. But it is not mentioned on the other version.
I'll send a message to know the price if an on-premise license exist for Platinum/gold.

You can have gold/platinum on prem.

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