Lifecycle Policies current action blank

I had an Elasticsearch cluster running on an aging setup that had lifecycle policies working. I setup a brand new cluster and want to do different lifecycle policies based on the new resources. I did a snapshot of my data and imported it on the new. I created my new policies and applied. However they don't seem to be doing anything. I even created a simple test with shrink on day 2 and freeze on day 3. It says it is applied but nothing ever happens. An _ilm/explain does not show what you would expect. Did some system settings get mixed up when importing? I see the polling interval is 10min in the settings but it's like it never makes it to the next step. Anyone else run into this before?
The old cluster was 6.8. Imported into a 7.0.1 cluster.

GET filebeat-2020.03.31/_ilm/explain
  "indices" : {
    "filebeat-2020.03.31" : {
      "index" : "filebeat-2020.03.31",
      "managed" : true,
      "policy" : "test"


It looks like you might be hitting a bug that's already been fixed (see:

If you do POST /<index/_ilm/retry on the index, does that help? What do the logs show if it doesn't?

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