LifeCycle Policy Configuration

OK thank you very much. I will see this.

Hi again @antonopo
I have discovered the reason why your logs from metricbeat are going to metricbeat-7.2.0 policy. This is because elastic create a template for this kind of logs automatically, what you have to do is delete this template, you can do this with the following command:

DELETE _template/metricbeat-7.2.0

If this work for you please choose one reply as the solution of this topic to help another people who need it.

Thanks for your reply. I have the feeling that you are right.
The metricbeat-7.2.0 policy was deleted. Let's see until tomorrow if the new metricbeat indexed go automatically to my default metricbeat_policy.

Even if a new metricbeat will create it goes again to metricbeat-7.2.0 policy

You can check that the new metricbeat index that was created metricbeat-7.3.2-2019.09.13 has again as default policy the metricbeat-7.2.0

In every new metricbeat index that is creating is creating by default this template