Limit a document frequency in elasticsearch

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While executing the query it takes above 50 milliseconds to fetch the results. For other search results it takes only below 50 milliseconds. When removing the norm_biznme the query response is faster. How to limit the frequency for this field alone ?

{"explain": true, "size":25, "query":{"query_string":{"query":"( ((norm_biznme:"TEST") AND (city_key:"TEST_CITY"))^40 OR (zip_key:"00 0") ^6 OR (norm_biznme_exct:"TEST")^50 OR (phone_key:"")^50 OR ((physicalAddresses.streetNumber:"5") AND (physicalAddresses.streetName:"new"))^15 OR (tradeStyles.acronym:"ASD")^5 OR (mailAddresses.poBox:"00 0")^6 OR (norm_biz_nme_word_pair: "TEST")^30 OR (norm_biz_nme_sdx: "TEST")^5 OR (ceoName:"TEST")^30 OR ((physicalAddresses.streetName:"new") AND (city_key:"TEST_CITY")))" }}, "sort":[{"_score":{"order":"desc"}}],"aggs":{"exctNme":{"filter":{"term":{"norm_biznme_exct":"{{TEST}}"}}}}}

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