Limit a document frequency in elasticsearch

While executing the query it takes above 50 milliseconds to fetch the results. For other search results it takes only below 50 milliseconds. When removing the norm_biznme the query response is faster. How to limit the frequency for this field alone ?

{"explain": true, "size":25, "query":{"query_string":{"query":"( ((norm_biznme:"TEST") AND (city_key:"TEST_CITY"))^40 OR (zip_key:"00 0") ^6 OR (norm_biznme_exct:"TEST")^50 OR (phone_key:"")^50 OR ((physicalAddresses.streetNumber:"5") AND (physicalAddresses.streetName:"new"))^15 OR (tradeStyles.acronym:"ASD")^5 OR (mailAddresses.poBox:"00 0")^6 OR (norm_biz_nme_word_pair: "TEST")^30 OR (norm_biz_nme_sdx: "TEST")^5 OR (ceoName:"TEST")^30 OR ((physicalAddresses.streetName:"new") AND (city_key:"TEST_CITY")))" }}, "sort":[{"_score":{"order":"desc"}}],"aggs":{"exctNme":{"filter":{"term":{"norm_biznme_exct":"{{TEST}}"}}}}}

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