Limit bucket size in aggregation results

Hi All,

I am trying to limit to the bucket count in the aggregation results and below is the query I am using,

GET metricbeat_0/_search
   "query": {
      "range": {
         "timestamp": {
            "gte": "2017-09-29 17:57:04.437",
            "lte": "2017-12-07 09:16:44.399"
   "aggs": {
      "bucket_time": {
         "date_histogram": {
            "field": "timestamp",
            "interval": "5m",
            "order": {
               "_key": "desc"
         "aggs": {
            "server_stats": {
               "avg": {
                  "field": "metricbeat_system_process_memory_size"

I want to limit the size of the bucket count and for ex:- If I defined the size: 10 the bucket should only contains ten records.

How to limit the bucket count in the above query?

Please kindly share your thoughts.

Ganeshbabu R

Hi Ganesh,

The date_histogram will always return all buckets. That said you could use the range query you defined above to limit the size of the date_histogram agg.

For example, your interval is set to 5m, them if you want it to have size 10 you range interval must be 50 minutes.

Does it make sense?


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