Limit Metricbeat Memory Usage

Is it possible to limit the memory that Metricbeat may use? I am seeing huge memory loads on my Windows Servers (2016, 2019 and 2022), between 2 and 3 Gb on VMs and a staggering 24Gb on a HyperV host

Stopping and starting the Elastic Agent reduces memory usage to ~150Mb, but a couple of hours later, memory usage is way up again.
I'm running Agent version 8.11.1

I have an Agent Policy with the default System integration, but I also added the WIndows Integration. But reading the documentationagain, I am thinking that these two are gathering the same information. Am I correct in thinking that and should I remove the Windows integration from the policy? Could that help reducing the memory usage?

There is a know issue related to memory leak on Metricbeat on windows, which is probably your case.

You can check the issue here.


Ah. Yes, that looks like it. I found some old references to similar issues on older versions on this forum, but didn't look there. Thanks!

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