Limit of total fields [1000] in index has been exceeded"

I know this query keeps cropping up. Is there a way we can identify the event that triggered this error? and if we increase the limit on the template are there any overheads added.

Where do the fields come from? A single rogue event with a ridiculous amount of fields? Or many document that introduce a field or two each?

This error is coming from Elasticsearch, and indicates that a document you are inserting (a) contains field names that are not yet in the index and (b) that Elasticsearch is refusing to add another field to the index because it has already reached the configured limit.

You may have better specific help in the Elasticsearch forum, but from what I understand, in Lucene (which sits underneath an Elasticsearch index), every single document in an index carries overhead for every single field in the index, whether or not the document has those fields populated. The limit is configurable, but hitting it is a good warning sign that you may want to rethink how your data is structured.

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