Limited number of results showing in pdf report

In the discover tab, the results show over 30,000 hits. When I view the generated report from the results it is only showing 5 hits. How can I configure it to display all hits or is there a limit.

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The PDF report can only show a view that fits that one page size. So it can't show more hits.

Even the Discover search results are limited to 500 by a setting in Kibana discover:sampleSize. So when you page through the results on Discover tab, you only get to see 500 (even though it might report that there are 30,000 hits in your results). You could increase that size, but could run into performance problems or run your browser out of memory.

I think the only current solution if you really needed to get all the results out is to run a query directly against Elasticsearch. And then the output is going to be in JSON format.
There are some open-source Elasticsearch plugins for getting query outputs in different formats but I haven't personally had much luck with them.

There is a highly-requested Kibana issue for a CSV export but I couldn't say when/if it will ever be in a release.


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