App Search has this handy page describing the limits

Do these same limits apply to Workplace Search? If not, is there a document like this explaining the limits for Workplace Search?

Hi @catmanjan!

That's a good question. As of now, Workplace Search does not have an analogous documentation page to go over each of its configurable limits. However, if you visit Configuration | Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation [7.14] | Elastic and search for --- Limits ---, you'll see a section of Workplace Search limits and their descriptions.

Is that helpful? Is there a specific limit you need clarification on?

Thanks Sean - in this thread constanccechen says regarding Appsearch "Unfortunately the 10k results per query limit isn't configurable"

Are there any similar hard limits in Workplace Search?

@catmanjan yes, there are similar hard limits. For example, any of our APIs that support pagination will not fetch more than 100 pages, and will not allow you to retrieve more than 100 results per page (which leads to that 10,000 result hard limit). Does that answer your question?

Thanks, that somewhat answers my question - would it be fair to say that the limits documented in the AppSearch page also apply to Workplace Search?

@catmanjan, it's a reasonable assumption to make, though it won't hold for every case. For example,

  • Workplace Search doesn't have engine boosts, so Boosts does not apply
  • Workplace Search external ID limit is 487 bytes, where App Search's id Schema Field Value Length is 800 characters
  • Workplace Search doesn't have meta engines, so Engines per Meta Engine does not apply

I'll capture a need for Workplace Search to provide a similar guide on its limits. In the mean time, hopefully, you'll find that our APIs are self-explaining, and that if you exceed a limit, the response will tell you what limit you exceeded and how to adjust it (if you can). If you don't find that to be the case, don't hesitate to file a support ticket or start a thread in these discuss forums.

Hi @catmanjan .

Do you mind answering a few questions to help with future documentation?

Would you prefer to find these limits documented within the context in which they apply? For example, we could improve our API references and configuration settings reference to cover all limits in the context of each field, setting, or endpoint.

Or, is there distinct value in collecting all "limits" in one place within the documentation? If so, how would you describe that value?

Thank you!

I like the way AppSearch does it - its particularly useful for developers who have to communicate the limitations to stakeholders so they can adjust their expectations.

While you could provide each limit on the page with their counterpart function, inevitably someone will ask for a collated report...

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Thanks for the response! I'll discuss further with the Workplace Search team.