Line chart not showing week in incremental order

Hello Experts,

I have created a line chart count Vs Week for an item, but the x axis (week) is not showing in linear order. refer the image below.


201807 represents year:2018 week:07
week data is in number format

Anyone came across this kind of issue? any possible solutions?

What's the order by on the bucket? It's probably ordered by count when you want it to be Alphabetical. Well, alphabetical ordering usually doesn't work on a numerical field, but maybe it's smart enough to acommodate. I haven't tested. Give it a try and let me know if that works for you!

Week is order by "metric:count". Week is stored as number, so order by count should work.

Order bymetric:count is actually going to order based on the y values, not the x values. It's just not obvious because they are split up, but it does something like sum up all the values.

See how here the x values are not in alphabetical order but ordered by the y axis count.

Here they are sorted alphabetically (which also happens to be desc on count too)

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