Line chart not showing week in incremental order

(Jithin) #1

Hello Experts,

I have created a line chart count Vs Week for an item, but the x axis (week) is not showing in linear order. refer the image below.


201807 represents year:2018 week:07
week data is in number format

Anyone came across this kind of issue? any possible solutions?

(Stacey Gammon) #2

What's the order by on the bucket? It's probably ordered by count when you want it to be Alphabetical. Well, alphabetical ordering usually doesn't work on a numerical field, but maybe it's smart enough to acommodate. I haven't tested. Give it a try and let me know if that works for you!

(Jithin) #3

Week is order by "metric:count". Week is stored as number, so order by count should work.

(Stacey Gammon) #4

Order bymetric:count is actually going to order based on the y values, not the x values. It's just not obvious because they are split up, but it does something like sum up all the values.

See how here the x values are not in alphabetical order but ordered by the y axis count.

Here they are sorted alphabetically (which also happens to be desc on count too)

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