Lingo3g Attribute modification for Elasticsearch

Hi ,

I am looking to modify maxHierarchyDepth attribute in lingo3g wrt elasticsearch to make a provision for 3 level clustering.

What I have done is I have two files in my ES/config directory as below:
1. lingo3g-attributes.xml

        <attribute key="com.carrotsearch.lingo3g.Lingo3GAttributesDescriptor.AttributeBuilder.maxHierarchyDepth">
        <value type="java.lang.Integer" value="3" />

And 2. lingo3g.xml

Lingo3G Clustering

But I am not getting the sub clusters upto 3 level so is there anything I am missing in the configuration?

I have configured the attributes wrt

Sorry I was giving the wrong Key so after modifying the key as below its working :slight_smile: