Linking with NextJS

I am looking for an update to Linking/routing with NextJS 14 and Elasticsearch. I saw this issue and it says it was updated and linked this: search-ui/docs/guides-nextjs-integration.mdx at main · elastic/search-ui · GitHub but I still don't see the version 14 compatible option.

Is there any update to this at all?
We are also using a custom connector so a solution that work with that.

Thank you

Hi @kudumine ,

Just a heads up that I've moved your question to the Elastic Search label since you're asking about search-ui.

I see in the issue that you reference that it's marked with a wont fix label as it's stale. Have you commented on the issue with the details to request an update? You might get some more detail there. If not if you can give some detail on what you're trying to do with this in your custom connector I can try and follow up.

Hope that helps!

Hello! Thank you for the response!

The main issue we're facing is with the combination of from next/link and triggering the search.
Navigating to the search results with does not trigger a new call to the endpoint as it does with the rest of the non elastic endpoints we are using.
Based on some of these pass discussions and the wont fix issue on github it seems like maybe people have experienced something similar to this? Although I haven't found any answers that are helpful for Next 14 with the app directory.

I would be happy to provide more detail if needed. Thank you very much!