Links in uptime do not work [7.4]

I have upgraded to kibana 7.4 from 6.7 and the links in uptime to view in infra UI or Logui do not work.
I running kibana through nginx and I have a basepath set to /kibana .
I have set up a rewrite rule in nginx rewrite /kibana/(.*)$ /$1

The I have set the base-path in kibana to /kibana and set rewriteBasePath to false.

if I click on one of the links in Uptime for example "show host metrics" I go to "https://kibana/app/infra..." which does not exist. It seem to be stripping out the server url.

I am unsure what has gone wrong

Hi @robrotheram - thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'm digging into it now and will post any subsequent issues/PRs here for you to be able to track.

EDIT: I was able to reproduce this issue in 7.4, but as we currently don't have any further releases scheduled for 7.4; the upcoming 7.5.0 release of the Stack is the next opportunity to run Uptime without that issue. If a subsequent 7.4 version is planned, we would likely fix this in that release. I opened an issue for this, but it seems upgrading when available is the best option.

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