Linux(centos)+Windows Cluster

Can one have an Cluster with one Windows and one Linux VM Node? I only find information about migrating from one to another.

(A yes or no is sufficient, I got the following error which makes me think it may not work:

Skipping cluster bootstrapping as local node does not match bootstraping requirments.


I just noticed that the winlogbeat Module does not exist anymore. Is it possible to run the "Custom Windows Event Log" Plugin on Linux? I only need the Windows VM to upload a collection of windows event logs, would be nice if there was another way..

Technically I think it'll work, as Elasticsearch will talk to any Elasticsearch.
Dunno if it makes much sense, as there's admin overhead that's different.

I will share my experience. Thank you!

Though it may mostly work it is not recommended. One aspect that is affected is the ability to take snapshots to shared filesystem repository as the path is set for the cluster and not per node. As paths in Linux and Windows differ this becomes an issue.

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