List all the stale data that is no longer referenced by existing snapshots

We have a small setup where in we have been taking snapshots since last two years and I would like to clean it up to make some storage space on our backup server.
I was going through this documentation
Clean up snapshots repo api
but sadly it doesn't shows a way by which I can view the stale data before cleaning them up.
Is there any means by which I can view a list of stale data before deletion? I would also like to control the parameters of age of stale data.

The the cleanup snapshot repository API only removes completely unusable data: it exists only as a workaround for a bug in older versions, and normally it does nothing since there's nothing for it to clean up. It is not meaningful to ask to view the data it would delete.

I see, thank you for your quick response @DavidTurner . Basically that means I won't lose any data, instead only the unusable chunk of data that is laying around? I think I misunderstood the "stale" here. Is the stale old and unusable data or corrupt data that is not in any functional state?

Yes that's correct, you won't lose anything of value via this API.

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Thank you, I shall close the topic.

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