List searchtemplates

There are ways to list installed indextemplates, but no one for listing searchtemplates what I know of.

I can upload new templates using the REST-interface, I can remove them, update them, fetch them (if I know the exact names), but I can't or search for all the available ones.

I resource like these wound be nice

GET _search/template
GET _search/template/_all
GET _search/template/mytemplat*

There are issues about it, does any one knows if there are any progress?

The docs mention you can do this -

What version are you on?

I fail to see any documentation about how to list available templates in the page you specified. They write about how to upload a template, delete, and execute it. Also a bit of the Mustache-templating, but nothing about listing available templates. Or am I missing something?

I'm running ES 1.4 but I've tried 1.7 also.

Currently I'm getting around the problem by using the fact that templates are stored in a index them self, so I query /.script/_search to get the list. It's a hack, not nice, but it's working.

GET /_search/template doesn't list them?

No, it gives me the same result as GET /_search, in other words every content in elastic. I did the test on ES 1.7.1
Thanks for all suggestions anyway.

Does it work for you? Or anybody else?
Did you upload your templates using REST or by file? I'm using REST.