Listener timeout after waiting for [30000] ms in RestHightLevel Client

Hi I am facing error on elastic search rest hight level client. I checked with elasticsearch host, but it is working correctly. I can able to fetch the data by doing GET request. Even , when I start my java application , it fetches data from elastic gracefully. But after some time (1or 2 day later) , the application starts throwing
listener timeout after waiting for [30000] ms on any search query. Manually(using curl) I am able get the data from same elasticseach host. I dint find any way , so reach out here only.

my piece of code

private RestHighLevelClient createElasticClient() {
RestHighLevelClient client = null;
try {
String elasticUrl = elDashboardConfService.getElasticSearchUrl();"Building RestHighLevelClient for: {}", elasticUrl);
client = new RestHighLevelClient(
} catch (Exception e) {
return client;

If I restart my application , again it starts working correctly.
I went through this discussion Rest Client listener timeout after waiting for [30000] ms. I dint find my solution there.

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