Listening for a webhook

Hey forum,

I am currently working on a project with Kibana, and I was wondering if Kibana has the ability to listen for a webhook. I understand that you can send a webhook from Kibana, and I did some research into watcher, but I couldn't quite find anything on using it to wait for a webhook.

I would like to capture this webhook from an external site, and then upon successful delivery use its payload to filter the dashboard with. If anyone has any ideas or tips I would really appreciate them!

Thank You,

To accomplish this, your going to have to write the code to handle the webhook yourself. There is a REST API for interacting with the objects Kibana persists. You could either create a plugin to handle the server-side aspect of accepting the webhook, in which case I would recommend checking out the plugin generator node scripts/generate_plugin, or just create an independent app.

Gotcha, thank you!

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