Load Balancing and Roaming with Winlogbeat


I would like to know whether Winlogbeat supports the following use case:
Suppose I have 1000 machines that are configured with 2 Logstash output hosts A and B.
I would like all traffic to be sent to A. When A becomes unreachable, traffic should be sent to B.
Documentation says hosts are picked randomly for connections. Is there a workaround to implement prioritization?
With the current configuration, it cannot be predicted how many machines would send logs to host A and how many to host B if both are reachable.

If I set the loadbalance flag to true, what would happen when host A becomes unresponsive? Would Winlogbeat redirect ALL messages to host B? If yes, how frequently would it try to re-establish a connection with host A to restore load balancing?


There doesn't seem to be a way of controlling LB from a beat to multiple output

Probably the closer you can get is seting up both outputs (logstash), and also setting max_tries above the default

  # The number of times a particular Elasticsearch index operation is attempted. If
  # the indexing operation doesn't succeed after this many retries, the events are
  # dropped. The default is 3.
  #max_retries: 3

Some requests will still try to hit the non responding output endpoint though. The alternative is using some sort of external proxy, mesh like, that load balances the beat's output.

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