Load balancing with Kibana


We have the following configuration:
2x Elastic Master+Data Nodes (Live data centre)
1x Elastic Voting node (DR data centre)
2x Kibana Nodes (live data centre)
2x Logstash Nodes

If I turn off any of the master+data nodes, the remaining cluster function and recovers to a healthy state when I turn it back on, however if I turn off the voting node, Kibana no longer works (times out) until I re-start the elasticsearch voting node. It does seem that the elasticsearch cluster seem to be functioning as normal (ingesting data from logstash), but the Kibana UI is not available.

Is this expected behaviour, let me know if I need to post any configs?


It might help to share logfiles and configurations of your elasticsearch cluster (and kibana) plus the error message that kibana returns. Also, what nodes are configured in kibana to connect to? Maybe only the voting only node, which then is missing or more?

Many thanks Alexander, the issue was that the voting-only node was listed under elasticsearch.hosts in the Kibana configuration. I took it out and now it works.

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