Load Eland dataframe partially by query

I'm trying to fetch data from Elasticsearch into an Eland dataframe partially, because it takes too much time to load the entire index.

The following works, except for the _query_compiler. The official Eland docs contains the parameter, but no description about how it works. I'm not even sure if this is the right approach though.

password = '..'
ip = '..'

es = Elasticsearch(hosts='https://{}:{}@{}'.format(username, password, ip), request_timeout=300, ca_certs='./Security/cert.pem')

index_name = '..'
index = ed.DataFrame(es_client=es, es_index_pattern=index_name, _query_compiler=???).to_pandas()

The following query seems to work, except for the part that it's not an Eland dataframe. (Also, the body parameter is deprecated but w/e.) There is a related question here, but it's not helping towards a solution.

search_body = {
            "query": {
                "match": {
                    "some_field": "true"

results = es.search(index=index_name, body=search_body)

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