Loading data using JDBC Importer To Found elastic Cluster

Hi All

I am trying to import data in the found elasticsearch remote instance using JDBC importer.

However I am getting below error on running JDBC importer script.

at org.xbib.elasticsearch.support.client.BaseTransportClient.createClient(BaseTransportClient.java:52) ~[elasticsearch-jdbc-]
at org.xbib.elasticsearch.support.client.BaseIngestTransportClient.newClient(BaseIngestTransportClient.java:22) ~[elasticsearch-jdbc-]
at org.xbib.elasticsearch.support.client.transport.BulkTransportClient.newClient(BulkTransportClient.java:88) ~[elasticsearch-jdbc-]
at org.xbib.elasticsearch.jdbc.strategy.standard.StandardContext$1.create(StandardContext.java:440) ~[elasticsearch-jdbc-]
at org.xbib.elasticsearch.jdbc.strategy.standard.StandardSink.beforeFetch(StandardSink.java:94) ~[elasticsearch-jdbc-]
at org.xbib.elasticsearch.jdbc.strategy.standard.StandardContext.beforeFetch(StandardContext.java:207) ~[elasticsearch-jdbc-]
at org.xbib.elasticsearch.jdbc.strategy.standard.StandardContext.execute(StandardContext.java:188) ~[elasticsearch-jdbc-]

My connection string looks as below:

"elasticsearch" : {
"cluster" : "XXXXXXeb56c80f986ead6XXXXXXXXXXXX",
"host" : "XXXXXXeb56c80f986ead6XXXXXXXXXXXX.region.aws.found.io",
"port" : 9343

Any help will be highly appreciated.

I'm moving this to the Elasticsearch area as it's not a supported plugin on Found unfortunately.
I'm sure the @jprante will stop by though :slight_smile:

Hope @jprante will have something on this.

Do you know the supported plugins on found for migration or if you could point me to some documentation. That will help!

I'm here for help. but you can also open an issue at JDBC importer https://github.com/jprante/elasticsearch-jdbc/issues

Have you declared the found transport including API key in the JDBC importer spec, like in this example?

Thanks for your help!!!

Sorry, I believe there are couple of things where I am confused and can't decide where to open which issue.

I am trying to use JDBC importer with shield as I believe found is discontinuing the ACL from 1st Dec, so there is no configuration for api Key available.

Also, I tried not to enable the shield however JDBC importer still not able to find any nodes. Kindly let me know if I have to open a issue as suggested, for adding support of shield in JDBC importer.

It is not possible to support Shield by JDBC importer, because Shield is closed source, sorry.