Loading documents in index with mappings defined

I have about 500K documents, few hundred per day. I am using C# to read these from sql server and generate json for all records for given day and POST to _bulk endpoint.
If I do not define index and just start inserting, it was taking less than 1 second per day. But I need Custom analyzer on some fields, so I defined my index with settings and mappings. Now it was taking about 10 seconds per day (for same data). If I pre define Index with just 'settings', then there is no performance hit but as soon as I define 'mappings' before loading documents, it slows down. I tried removing custom analyzer also but still no effect.
What can be probable cause of this?

My bad. Had typo in 'type' being used in code (from one defined in mappings). Fixed that and no performance issues.

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