Loading free form text into elasticsearch

I'd like to know if anyone has tried loading free form text into elasticsearch and if so what method was used.
I'd like to load all SAS code into elasticsearch so that we can better answer customer questions about whether the code includes macros that attach to specific databases, whether there are drive letters included, what paths are used etc.
I've just started on this journey and I've been loading basic scripts from examples and testing the search features and I can really see a benefit in being able to load source code.

Any ideas, suggestions, negative or otherwise welcome... this is a POC only at this stage.


What's that?

Check this site out as it has an example SAS code

Really what I'd like to do is bulk load all SAS code but more than that I'd like to be able to load any programming code.

Any help ideas appreciated.

I think the following case study might answer your question:


tl;dr: Sure, you can search source code with Elasticsearch. The devil might hide in the details of how to configure analysis etc.

Hope this helps,

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