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I've just started looking at Kibana's visualization feature to assist my team. I am curious if there is a way to access a local TMS repo (not being served out, but tiles on the local machine). I use a tool called Global Mapper to generate the tiles for offline rendering. The result is a directory structure of png's (exe Test/1/1/0.png) and an XML files defining the structure. (See example below)

< source type="TMS" >
< name >Test < /name >
< FileExt > png < /FileExt ? >
< LatLonBounds > -180,-85.0511287798,180,85.0511287798 < /LatLonBounds >
< NumZoomLevels > 3 < /NumZoomLevels >
< TileSize > 1024 < /TileSize >
< BaseURL > file:///C:/share/User/Test/ < /BaseURL >
< NativeProj > EPSG:3857 < /NativeProj >
< /source >
< /source_list >

I attempted to work with the kibana.yml to configure this to use my local TMS tiles, but could not get it to work. Looking though the forums I see nothing on this specific topic either. I can get a WMS to render just fine from the USGS/OSM, etc.. The reasoning behind this is because I need to run where I do not have an internet connection, and I do not want to stand up a geoserver or mapserver, etc...


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If you have flat files in the expected directory structure already, then you could probably just start a static file server and point to that. Any tile source needs to be a URL though, Kibana won't read tiles from any other type of source.

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