Localized data with Shard Knowledge


I have a query about using ElasticSearch.

I have part of my data (about 90%) to be indexed in ElasticSearch and the
remaining 10% to be stored elsewhere (like a DB/NoSQL DB etc.) since that
10% data will be very frequently changing data.

I have the following queries:

1.] Should I be keeping the remaining 10% of my data on non-ES/Lucene
persistent store? Is it okay to store/index those fields in ES/Lucene even
if they are frequently updating? With NRT readers, will it be efficient at
reflecting changes and perform at par when I have to search for those
changes in different threads?

2.] Is there any concept of localization in ES? Can I segregate my data
based on some logical partition and apply filters and search only on that
subsection? Not sure how shard routing works, but if I route search
requests to multiple shards using SearchRequestBuilder, how do I aggregate
the results from multiple shards? Probably this is not the solution I am
looking for. My use case is to not worry too much about how ES is
organizing my data, but I still want to set specific filters for data that
will exist on a corresponding shard. If this is confusing, please let me
know, and I will rephrase.


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