Locator.click: Timeout 50000ms exceeded. problem in a synthetic monitor

Hello, I am having problems with a synthetic monitor.

is this step

step('Click internal:text="Available domain"i', async () => {
  await page1.getByText('Available domain').click();
  await page1.getByText('Register').click();
  await page1.getByRole('heading', { name: 'Domain Data' }).click();
  await page1.getByRole('tab', { name: 'Confirm procedure' }).click();

elastic gives me an error

locator.click: Timeout 50000ms exceeded.

Hi @pagliardini ,

Its a generic error when certain operations/elements cannot be found on the page, I am really not sure we can do much here other than changing the scripts to look for the elements with the right page.

One other thing you could try is to increase the timeouts.

await page1.getByText('Register').click({timeout: 90000});

But, I would investigate why the elements are not loading for the last 50seconds and understand whether they were lazy loaded or is not on the the viewport when the action is performed.


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