Log not updates at kibana discover menu

need your help.
i am using logrotate to utilize my HDD resources (4 days about 400G). at log rotate configuration after doing compression, all service will be reloaded. after reloading all ELK service, my discover menu at kibana is not showing the updates log, the discover result only for a few next hour after reloading ELK service done.

than, i am trying not to reload the ELK on logrotate, but the result still same.

the last i tried to reload all ELK service (not wait for logrotate schedule), but discover result not showing the updates log. timestampt at discover is same with current time, but log message is very left behind

i have tried to use auto refresh at time picker become 30 minutes.

please help me


Can you try running the Discover request in the Console or by using cURL? This way we can try to pinpoint the problem if it is with Kibana or with ES.

To get the request, click on the arrow up, just below the histogram, go to the request page and copy that.
Then go to DevTools -> Console and paste that request under a GET _search command

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