Logging from painless script in ingest pipeline

I have a requirement where I am indexing my raw docs to an index (original_index). I am creating a rollup job for this index which runs every hour. My rollup index goes through an ingest pipeline which has a script.

  1. Is there a way I can log some information from the script within ingest pipeline. I tried using ctx.logger.info(). but it is giving me a null pointer exception.
  2. If there are any unexpected errors for rolling up the docs, is there any way that I can get alerts (or logs) that something has failed for rollup.
  3. If it is possible to log the information, where can I check the logs logged from ingest pipeline/ unexpected failure logs.

Thank you

correcting the question above,
I am able to see the logs if the rollup job has failed. The log has information about job name and the reason it failed. Is there any way I can log for which document id the rollup job has failed.

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