Logging to BOTH cloud and onpremise logstash/elasticsearch?

Hi is it possible to send hearbeats to BOTH cloud and on-premise logstash/elasticsearch from one hearbeat application ?

Currently running 2 hearbeat applications, one is sending heartbeat to cloud and another is sending heartbeat to logstash on-premise.

This works fine, although less than ideal.

No, it is not possible, the beats can have only one output.

What you can do is send the data to a Kafka cluster and configure both your cloud and on-premises logstash to consume from that Kafka cluster, this way you would have only one heartbeat, but would need another tool and make both your cloud and on-premises talk to that Kafka Cluster.

You can also send only to the on-premises logstash and configure this logstash to ship to the cloud.

Thanks for the confirmation. we'll go Logstash way.

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