Beats on multiple Cloud environments

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Working on a task to setup Elastic Cloud on AWS and some of the beats (meticbeat, heartbeat, filebeat, and packetbeat) are on AWS some of the beats need to be on Azure and GCP. In this situation,should we put logstash on each cloud environment (AWS, Azure or GCP) and point it to Elastic Cloud on AWS while the beats on the local cloud to send data via the local logstash to Elasticsearch on Elastic Cloud or using on logstash on AWS and all beats in different clouds connect to the logstash on AWS?

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I didn't understand you problem very well, but you can configure the beat's ouput do send directly to deployment on Elastic Cloud.
A doubt: Have you been trying to send the same beat's log to multiple environment? Is it?

Let me know.

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Joao, thank you very much.. I've figured out it with your help.. many thanks

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