Multi Cloud Environment (AWS, IBM. AZURE)

I have a multi-cloud environment (DB is on Oracle Cloud, Application servers are on AWS and Active Directoy is on AZURE). The ELK Stack server is installed on the IBM Cloud. In this scenario is it possible for ELK Stack to integrate with AWS and collect information from LoadBalance, ECS, CloudWatch, etc?

I followed this tutorial, but it doesn't work.

In a mult-cloud scenario, what would be the recommended architecture?

Hey @Reginato,

In principle you can use the different modules available for AWS and Azure. The AWS module includes metricsets for many resources, and a generic collector for CloudWatch.

What is not working for you?

It depends on your deployment. If you have resources in many clouds and Elasticsearch in another cloud, to have a centralized view, it can be a good idea to install Beats in machines close to the services you are monitoring, and configure these Beats to send their data to your Elasticsearch cluster.

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