Logging too much information

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We currently deployed Elasticsearch 5.3 to QA site with default log4j2.properties that came with the package.
Within a week Elasticsearch log files exceeded 260 GB of space which crashed the server.
How can i delete the log files which are older then 3 days and also limit the size of files?

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Since ES just uses log4j2, you can configure the logging to do periodic log rollover via log4j2's config. Or use an external tool like logrotate, etc

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@polyfractal : I upgraded Elasticsearch from v1.7.1 to ES 5.3. In v1.7.1 , we used maxbackupindex and set to 7 to delete the log files that are older then 7 days.
How can we configure log4j2 to delete the old log files ?

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