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I have embedded kibana dashboards in my website by using iframe, now the issue is user has to login 2 times to see his/her data in kibana . one is to website and other is to kibana , i dont want to disable security from kibana because i have to show user-specific data , now my requirement is when user comes to my website and login , automatically he has to login to kibana also from backend side by using any API call's.

i have tried bellow one but no luck

GET /api/security/v1/login
"username" : "jon",
"password" : "*****"

Please help me

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Looks like this has been discussed in detail here: Auto-authenticate Kibana 5.3 dashboard embedded in iframe

Hi @lukas

Thanks for your reply....

I don't think that I can run kibana using bin/kibana , because I have configured kibana in docker , and it is running as container

That's a long thread above, but were you considering configuring server.cors?

If you need to configure Kibana inside the container, I recommend the bind-mounted configuration approach, as documented here:


The default configuration in our image is this:

so you may want to copy that file and then modify it to suit you needs, before bind-mounting it into your container.

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