LogLevel changed in CentralConfigFetcher


I've upgraded to .net agent 1.11.1 and there is a code change that changed to loglevel from trace to info.



				?.Log("Waiting {WaitInterval}... {WaitReason}. dbgIterationsCount: {dbgIterationsCount}."

Where waitingLogSeverity was set to

var waitingLogSeverity = LogLevel.Trace;


_logger.Info()?.Log("Waiting {WaitInterval}... {WaitReason}. dbgIterationsCount: {dbgIterationsCount}."
					, waitInfo.Interval.ToHms(), waitInfo.Reason, _dbgIterationsCount);

This leads to a significant increase of records in the logs. Is this intentional, and if so how can I ignore these log lines?

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Thanks for reporting @gerardpeters,

I think we did not really intend to change the level of this line - I can see that now on info level you'll have this log each time the agent fetches central config.

I opened a PR to address this: Change log level in CentralConfigurationFetcher.cs by gregkalapos · Pull Request #1501 · elastic/apm-agent-dotnet · GitHub


how can I ignore these log lines?

Right now, the only way is to use a log level which is higher than info. Unfortunately I don't have another option until the PR is merged and released.

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