[REDACTED] Is the marked field blocked by apm

I found that some trace data is marked [redacted], but I need them to be displayed. What should I do?

I found these

Hi @wajika

You didn't specify the agent but there are settings to control that for example here for the Java agent

Please be careful :slight_smile:

What @stephenb says for the header (including the "be careful" part) and capture_body for the body.

I use .Net agent
Is there any way to turn off sanitize_ FIELD?

Are you aware that we have very good docs on these settings see here if you are going to use the agent perhaps it is worth a look.

After your first reply, I read the document. I guess if "ELASTIC_APM_SANITIZE_FIELD_NAMES= password" is set, will authorization (including others) be displayed.

Thank you for your reply again.

If I understand your question correctly, yes if you only set ELASTIC_APM_SANITIZE_FIELD_NAMES=password Only password will be sanitized. Give it a try and let us know!

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OK,thank you.

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