Logs can not stream properly after logstash service restart

hi there

I run logstash as a service in window server.
I use tcp input, grok filter, amazon_es output in my logstash config.
I stream .net application logs using Log4netSocketAppender to logstash host.

strange thing is that restart logstash service then... no more logs come to logstash.

then i copy and replace Log4netSocketAppender.dll in app.

very strange, logs come back to logstash

I try like 3 times, it's same :smiley:

may i know why Log4netSocketAppender.dll doesn't work whenever logstash service restart??????

i m running logstash v6.1.1.

This sounds like a problem on the sending side, i.e. not a Logstash problem.

okie @magnusbaeck
i open issue under log4net-socket-appender on github.
thanks for reply.

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