Logsatsh geopoint

Hi guys , so i'm working on a project now when i have to load data from oracle database and convert two columns(longitude,latitude) to a geo_point , so i've created an index in elasticsearch and i created a geo_point mapping type at the new created index and i called it location , so the process works fine but the data is not correct !!


i'm stuck here please help

thank you.

Please do not post the same question more than once. If you are wondering why nobody answered it could be because

  1. You have asserted that the data is not correct but not indicated what is wrong with it

  2. You have not shown us the logstash configuration that is producing the allegedly incorrect data

@Badger okay i got it , i hope you're not mad by the way

so this is my config file

any idea why the data in the two columns(lr_longitude,lr_latitude) is not the same as the created geopoint

So your concern is that 10.8900972 is not exactly equal to 10.890097171068192. I do not know why they are presented differently (it is conceivable that one is simply rounded up for presentation).

However, you are talking about the 7th decimal place in a latitude/longitude, which is measuring centimetres, and unless you specify the geodetic datum it is relative to (which can change the position by hundreds of meters) then it does not matter.

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