Logstach configuration for ealsticsearch cluster with multiple nodes

In my ealstic stack I have 3 master node (dedicated master and 2 Eligible master ) my question is in my logstach configuration file in the output pluging what should I set as destination : the ip address of all the three master node ? or only the ip of the dedicated one ? If so when the dedicated master goes down should I change my configuration ?

Logstash should be configured with a list of all data nodes in your cluster (this could be all your nodes if all nodes hold data and are master eligible). The active master manages the cluster state but is not involved in serving read or write requests.

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So I'm getting it wrong I thought that In the output plugin of Logstash configuration file, i should specify the IP address of the dedicated master node. This is because the master node is responsible for coordinating the indexing and the storage of the data in the data node so I think I'm puzzled now I can't really understand the role of the matser node

You send indexing requests and search requests to any node in the cluster. The active master node monitors and manages the state of the cluster and will relocate shards as required. It does however not participate in normal request processing unless this leads to a change to the cluster state, e.g. when a new mapping is introduced. If the master node was involved in all requests it would quickly become a bottleneck and Elasticsearch would not scale the way it does.

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