Logstash 2.1.0 Geoip Filter

Hello together,

I would like to use the GeoIP filter for gettting the locations from the IP addresses. The code is working, but it does not parse the location field because it says: "reason"=>"field must be either [lat], [lon] or [geohash]"}}}}, :level=>:warn}
My conf file looks like this:
input { file { path => "/Users/oemer/locations.csv" start_position => "beginning" codec => plain { charset => "ISO-8859-1" } } } filter{ csv { columns => ["Dealer_Code","Location_ID","Answer_ID","IP_Address","OVERALL_SAT","RECOMMENDATION","",""] separator => "," } geoip { source =>"IP_Address" fields =>["longitude","latitude"] target =>"location" } } output { elasticsearch { hosts => "localhost:9200" } stdout{} }
The yellow error message looks like this for location:
"location"=>{"latitude"=>33.59559999999999, "longitude"=>-117.7003}}, "location"]}

Do you maybe know where the problem can be?

Thanks in advance.

If you get the error from Kibana, in the fields, you need to use "location" instead of "longitude" and "latitude". Below is my working config

	geoip {
		source => "IPV4_SRC_ADDR"
		target => "src_geoip"
		fields => ["country_code2", "country_name", "continent_code", "region_name", "real_region_name", "city_name", "postal_code", "timezone", "location"]
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