Logstash 2.2.0 on windows 10

(Sunil Chaudhari) #1

I am starting logstash 2.2.0 with file input on windows 10 OS. But it says,
Unable to find JRuby.
If you are a user, this is a bug.
If you are a developer, please run 'rake bootstrap'. Running 'rake' requires the 'ruby' program be available.

Does it support windows 10?


(Magnus Bäck) #2

Exactly what file did you download? Exactly what command did you run?

(Sunil Chaudhari) #3

Hello Magnus,
Its resolved by extracting the zip file again.
I think the pre-extrcated folder on windos-7, was not working on windows-10.
is it right conclusion, or there might be something else?


(system) #4

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