Unable to find JRuby


Total newbie to logstash, have just downloaded it and unzipped it and then tried to execute the example on your webpages
logstash-2.0.0>bin\logstash -e 'input { stdin { } } output { stdout {} }'

and get the following error message

Unable to find JRuby.
If you are a user, this is a bug.
If you are a developer, please run 'rake bootstrap'. Running 'rake' requires the
'ruby' program be available.

Trying to execute this on Windows 8

Any advice would be appreciated as have google'd it and cannot seem to find anything :frowning:



This still persists in 2.1.1!!! But AFAICT this is an issue with the .zip download but not with the tar.gz. The vendor/jruby directory is missing in the former. (By a fluke I used different downloads on different boxes.)