Logstash 6.1.1 running logstash.conf file is giving errors on Windows 10

I recently installed ES onto my personal pc to test some of the functionality. I'm working on setting up an automatic process for pushing and pulling data from SQL using JDBC; however, after installing logstash (unzipping), I try to run logstash in the bin folder logstash -e input { stdin { } } output { stdout {} } with or without single quotes and I get "could not find java".

I then do java -version and see that I have version 1.8.0_152. I have already set the JAVA_HOME variable in Environment variables as a path to the java folder.

I've tried moving the input { stdin { } } output { stdout { } } to a .conf file; however, I receive a new error that jruby is not installed (I see vendor jruby with bat files inside).

Is there something I need to do to do a test of this? Or maybe I need to run differently? What am I missing? This is a Windows 10 machine.

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